Wedding Furniture Packages

Make your own Wedding Furniture Packages and save big with AURA Interiors

Planning a wedding is a wonderful and joyful period in one’s life, but it also comes with its own set of expenditures. Everything from apparel to parties to food and décor has a cost that builds up over time. At the same time, no one should have to make a sacrifice on such a great day. That’s why, at AURA Interiors, we make sure that everyone can finish their wedding celebrations with beautiful, long-lasting furniture in their homes – all while saving money along the way.

This wedding season, AURA Interiors enables couples to design their own wedding furniture packages based on their specific needs and preferences, with most attracted prices.  Couples only need to choose their base package (either a bed set, sofa set, or dining set) and add-ons such as dressers and mirrors, center side tables, wardrobes, lounge chairs, and more. Every add-on comes with a progressive discount . Couples can also select up to five add-ons and mix and match items to build their own customized bundles.

A Fresh Look for Your New Home

AURA Interior’s wedding packages allow you to choose the furniture that perfectly meets your requirements while saving where it counts, from refurbishing a single bedroom to setting up an entire new apartment or house. Discover all you need for each room in your new house.


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